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Hi, I'm Mikey. Welcome to Cat Tales! Here you will read about our travels from a portion of July 2009 - May 2011. 

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Tales Of 2 Cats <-- Click to go here. There our travels begin with June 2011 - the current date. After your visit please sign our guestbook in Cat Tales or in Tales of 2 Cats.

Visit us also at Cat Tales Archives. <--Click to go here. In Archives, you view our maiden voyage in Aug. 2007 - the first part of July 2009.

My sister, Tasha, and I love to travel.  We finally convinced our humans (it wasn't that hard) to retire, buy an RV, and take us around the country.   This a picture of me sitting in my favorite spot--looking out the screen door of our RV. As we travel, we'll try to keep you posted as to our whereabouts and what we've been doing.   

I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the others on our trip.  This is my sister, Tasha.  She's a little moody, but she's a pretty cool cat.  She likes me and our humans, but sometimes I think she gets a little homesick.  In this picture she is thinking about what to write on some postcards to some of her friends back home. 

These two are our humans, Kathy and Robb.  They have many uses.  They give us treats.  They pet us.  They feed us.  They drive us places.   They give us treats.  They clean our litter box.  They built a private bathroom for us.  They clean up after us.  And did I mention they give us treats?

So, check back every once in a while to see what we've been up to, and sign our guestbook if you feel so inclined.


                                      Mikey T.  Cat

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